Lit HotelLit Bangkok is an international standard hotel that surprises and delights with innovative design, superlative service and a city centre location that retains a distinctly local flavour.

Chic design + props, utensils and service which compliment the design
Class – represented by manner and service know how
Charm – resulted from understanding + recognition + service gimmicks
Character – peaceful & trendy city oasis

Accommodation that confounds expectations about what a hotel room can be

At 32m2 our 25 ‘Extra Radiance Rooms’ confer an abundance of light and space whilst carefully preserving privacy.

Experience a living space with a delightfully daring twist in one of our 44 generously proportioned (34-36m2) ‘Different Degree Rooms’.

Indulge yourself in 48m2 of decadent luxury and comfortinside one of our spectacular ‘Full Spectrum Suites’.

In our spacious (52m2) ‘Triple Luxe Suites’ three guests canshare all the indulgences normally reserved just for two

With its own uniquely vivacious vibe our ‘Fiesta Steppe’brings togethera range of delectable light snacks, delicious cocktails and an ambiance that is utterly inimitable.

At ‘BCDE’ (Bistro of Creative Drinking and Eating) simple everyday dishes are transformed into something truly magical.

Kiriya Spa – An island of peace and tranquility where you’ll discover a
breathtaking range of sumptuously indulgent treatments

Double room fr.US$ 116
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Lit Hotel

Lit Hotel

Lit Hotel

Lit Hotel